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Cosmic Roots

This engaging podcast is a guide for cosmic travelers walking this path of life. Keep an open mind and join us as we navigate our lives through ancient and modern methods of development. Draw on astrology, tarot, self reflection, meditation and other healing techniques to inspire, improve and live the dream. Join us for daily discussions in our forum

Come on in and share your experiences, methods, ideology and learn from others. All are welcome here!


Ghostbumps is everything that goes “bump” in the night! Spirits, Ghost Hunting, Shadows, Dreams, Crypto Creatures, Otherwordly Beings, Strange Curiosities and Metaphysics. Live shows at haunted locations, case files, paranormal interviews, ghost hunting techniques and discussions. Informative and fun. Sit back, get comfortable but hang on . . . it’s going to be a ghostbumpy ride!


Stephanie Davisson

Angela Pennington