Lunarian Studios is the brain child of Stephanie Davisson and Angela Pennington. It's purpose is to create, develop and promote our podcasts.

Our first podcast, Midnight Mysticism, was started in September 2019. The  focus was on the paranormal and weird happenings in the world.  We loved and learned from Midnight Mysticism.  After developing a bit of a following, we upgraded our podbean account and somehow deleted all of our followers. After shedding tears, feeling beaten and bruised, we went back to the drawing table.   

Our next creation Ghostbumps !  This podcast is focused purely on hauntings and bizarre events. We wanted to increase the amount and quality of our content. In this podcast we used pseudonames "Jovie and Bridey".   As you know, Covid 19 changed all of our lives in 2020 and we went into lockdown. In addition,  Angela suffered the loss of her father and Stephanie become a full time care giver to her 97 year old mother.  Stephanie still managed to pull together episodes and create transcripts for this podcast that we hope you'll enjoy.  All episodes of Ghostbumps are available for download.  Every Autumn we'll release a new season.  

Our new podcast is focused on self development using modern and ancient techniques. We've combined our years of study and expertise to build an inspiring podcast Cosmic Roots.  In addition, we have created a community to support our listeners. Be sure to click the link for

Thank you for taking the time to visit Lunarian and we hope you enjoy our content.

Ange & Steph