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Episode 1 - Introduction

Meet your Ghostbumps hosts.

I'm your host Bridey. I've been a paranormal investigator for over 20 years and I've worked solo as well as with organized teams here in the Pacific Northwest.  I’ve investigated some amazing places including Dracula's castle in Transylvania, Waverly Hills Sanitarium, the Villisca Axe Murder House just to name a few. I've performed over 200 paranormal investigations in public places as well as private homes. And all of that just led me to really question what our life is about. What is paranormal and what is normal.  I plan to bring those questions to the podcast and hopefully get some answers.

I'm your host Jovie. I wouldn't say I've done a lot of ghost hunting. I have mostly been a paranormal experiencer and I feel privileged to have lived in an area where people see lights and Big Foot and UFOs. There's other things that occur up here that no one can really put their finger on. I personally have witnessed Bigfoot on more than one occasion. I've seen UFOs and just a lot of weird stuff up here.  That has further fueled my desire to go to different locations to see what's happening and to try to measure and quantify and create a result. I'm trained in Tarot. I've worked as a psychic and medium. I've studied in-depth metaphysics for years. I'm also trained in and certified in astrology and will use those skills to help drive our podcast to exciting places.

We’re planning some great upcoming shows and we're also going to do some live podcasting and video casting from haunted locations. We’re really looking forward to all the great things we have planned. So, buckle up and go with us for the ride because it's going be amazing.

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