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Episode 3 - School UFO Encounters

Greetings, Ghosties.

Witnessing a UFO can be scary. Can you imagine an 8 year old, carefree and playful, having fun playing games with classmates at school, when suddenly a silver disk emerges from the clouds and lands in the school yard? This is exactly what happened on four distinct occasions; in 1966, 1967, 1977 and 1994. The event gets stranger and a powerful message is the only remaining artifact from these events. 


Tonight's episode is about four distinct UFO sightings at schools.  We talk about the Westfall encounter in Melbourne, Australia; the Crestview Elementary School encounter in Opa-Locka, the Ariel School in Zimbabwe and the Broad Haven School in Wales, GB. 


These events impacted and changed the lives of the children who experienced them. And knowing that so many people have seen things and been affected, we’d like to hear from our audience. Have you ever seen a UFO? Have you ever have an experience as a child or as an adult for that matter? If you have any comments on that, please visit our Facebook page and share those with us. We'd love to hear.

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