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Episode 6 - Vampires

Greetings, Ghosties.

Folklore and stories of blood sucking creatures have been abounding for thousands of years but there is a true modern subculture of vampires. But what is a vampire?  The term vampire was not created until the 19th century. And before that, vampire traits that defined modern day vampires were attributed to a variety of creatures such as ghosts, evil spirits, ghouls, demons, the devil and even Deities

Vampires are beings who have long-life spans. They drink human and animal blood and they drain their victim's blood using their sharp things, killing them and or turning them into a vampire. They typically hunt at night because sunlight really weakens the strength of a vampire and they morph into a bat. And some say a wolf like you have the power to do that. They are very strong and have a hypnotic gaze and a sensual effect on their victims.

One of the most famous was Vlad the Impaler. He ruled Romania from something 1456 to1462.  He was known for killing his enemies by impaling their heads on wooden stakes and then dining among his victims while dipping bread in their blood.  Bram Stoker based his story of Dracula on Vlad. Bram Stoker has set the modern tone for how we generally interpret vampires and their stories.

Another famous vampire is Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who over the course of her tenure of ruling this castle in Romania is rumored to have killed over six hundred and fifty peasant girls and not only drank their blood, but bathed in it because she thought it would keep her young.

The great New England Vampire Panic happened here in the United States.  One of the folklores that developed during this time was that tuberculosis, or consumption as it was called then, was caused by a vampire.  This led to 29 people had their bodies desecrated because they thought they were vampires during a 90-year period in New England, specifically Connecticut and Rhode Island.

There is also a subculture of people who self-identify as vampires. And then there is this other group that do role playing in games and they play vampires.  There are two main branches of vampirism which are referred to as sanguinarian and a psychic or pranic vampirism.

Sanguinarian vampires find that drinking blood is not only a more aesthetic and tangible method by being able to see the blood, but it's essential because they're feeding directly from someone's life force or energy that it's easier to imagine the energy coming into their body when they can see where it comes from. And the energy that sanguine vampires feed off of is prana to.

A pranic vampire feeds off prana in a manner that does not include blood.  Some pranic vampires may be unaware or unintentionally feeding off of “innocent bystanders,” oblivious to what they’re doing. Others, who are aware that they are Pranic vampires, are usually quite skilled in the areas of energy working and are able to vigilantly monitor, control and maintain their energy fluctuations.

If you are interested in more information about vampirism, we urge you to do your own research.  The links we used to prepare for this podcast are listed below.


Smithonian Magazine: Great New England Vampire Panic

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