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Ghostbumps with Jovie and Bridey

Ghostbumps is everything that goes "bump" in the night! Spirits, Ghost Hunting, Shadows, Dreams, Crypto Creatures, Otherwordly Beings, Strange Curiosities and Metaphysics. Live shows at haunted locations, case files, paranormal interviews, ghost hunting techniques and discussions. Informative and fun. Sit back, get comfortable but hang on . . . it’s going to be a ghostbumpy ride.

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S1/E12 - Favorite Holiday Movies

S1/E11 - What are EVP's and How to Record Them

S1/E10 - Dumas Brothel Paranormal Investigation

S1/E9 - Bell Witch

S1/E8 - Famous Haunts

S1/E7 - Ghosts

S1/E6 - Vampires

S1/E5 - Ghost Ships

S1/E4 - Mer People

S1/E3 - School UFO Encounters

S1/E2 - Ghost Lights

S1/E1 - Introductions

Show Staff

Producer - Patricia Davisson

Engineer - Stephanie Davisson

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